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Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, Portland, ME

From the Mountains to the Sea exhibit
Overhauled the conceptual framework and exhibit texts to meet the museum’s learning and de-colonizing goals for the aquarium gallery in the museum’s new waterfront building.

What clients are saying:

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"Betsy's experience helped guide my initial ideas into a sound exhibit framework and empowered me with cost-saving methods for planning future projects."

Miriam Block

Director of Heritage

Winooski Mill Museum

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"During our exhibits planning workshop, Betsy guided great conversation and empowered our team with new skills and expanded confidence."

Joe Cox

President & CEO
Museum of Discovery & Science

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"Betsy was so easy to work with (and fun!). With a lot of cooks in the kitchen, she turned all our ideas into clear, educational signage that will last us for a long time."

Lucia Stancioff

Deputy Director

Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine

Workshops &


  • Role Play the Way: A New Direction of Imaginative Learning

  • Museums and Communities Working to Build Back Better

  • Build (Your Community) Back Better: Using museum practices for community and urban planning

  • Little “e” evaluation: DIY Methods for Busy Museum Professionals

  • Low Tech/No Tech Live-Action Role Playing Games for Public Audiences

  • Hacking the World - Imagining the Post-Pandemic Museum

  • Beyond Hands-on: Tapping the Non-touch Senses in Exhibitions

  • Project Management Potholes: Avoiding Blowouts on Your Next Exhibit Project

  • Exhibit Project Management ABCs

  • Butterfly Gardens & Beyond: Interpreting Green Space

  • They’re doing what!?: Using Timing and Tracking to Understand How Visitors Really Use Your Exhibits

  • Bringing the Public into Your Sandbox Without Getting Sand in Your Face – or Theirs

Publications & Partnerships​

  • “Going Rogue for Good: Free the Museum”, Exhibition journal, Fall 2021

  • “Dream Big(ger): From Building Exhibitions to Building a Better City”, Exhibition journal, Spring 2021

  • Collaborative Research: Functional and evolutionary bases of substrate-specificity in wood-decaying basidiomycetes [NSF IOS-1456777, CoPI]

  • From the Lab to The Neighborhood: An Interactive Living Exhibit For Advancing STEM Engagement With Urban Systems In Science Museums [NSF AISL-1323168, CoPI]

  • Exhibit Lab: Developing a Community of Practitioners

  • [IMLS award# MP-00-11-0049-11]

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