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Founder with Short Hair Smiling and Holding Coffee Mug

Meet the Founder: Betsy Loring

Hi. I’m Betsy Loring, founder of expLoring exhibits & engagement, LLC. I offer over 20 years of experience in project management and exhibit development in multi-disciplinary museum settings.

I believe that the best exhibit projects:


  • Engage your visitors with a unique experience that reflects the mission, values, assets, and voice of your museum,

  • Excite your staff by providing opportunities for professional growth, and

  • Enhance your mission by incorporating stretch goals into the project goals, all while respecting budgets, timelines, and senses of humor.


And chocolate. I also believe in chocolate.

​Learn about my Project Approach and Services.


Our Mission & Values

ExpLoring exhibits & engagement, LLC’s mission is to use

collaboratively-developed creatively-iterated tools and systems

to support lifelong learning and strong communities.


Its work is guided by the values of:







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