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And Other Duties...


Filling Gaps


Projects don’t divide themselves into sets of tasks that match your personnel resources.


Whether you’re missing a skill set or just stretched too thin, I can fill that gap.


Drafting a grant narrative, building prototypes, finding the right designer, or managing contractors – I’ve done it all.


Filling Gaps

Herding Cats


Exhibit projects touch every person and department in your museum.


Add input from other stakeholders -community members, expert advisors, donors, and trustees - and a project can start to wander.


My cat-herding tools manage those voices in a way that strengthens the project, preserves deadlines, and honors relationships.

Image 7-25-19 at 6.24 PM.jpeg

Herding Cats

Video Description: A fluffy grey tiger cat is on a table with three cat food cans, labeled Teamwork, Focus, and Organization. He sticks his nose into the Focus can, moving it until it knocks Teamwork to the floor, then he grabs the Focus can in this paws so he can stick his nose in more. He ignores the can labeled Organization entirely.

Sadly, this cat is resistant to my cat-herding skills. 

Filling Gaps
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