There is no “standard” museum. So there's no cookie cutter approach to making exhibits. Not if you want to give your visitors an experience that they can’t get anywhere else.


ExpLoring exhibits & engagement, LLC customizes exhibit development tools to suit your specific project:


  • We’ll start from your mission, brand, and master plan and use them as a filter on your exhibit project goals*. What do you want people to learn and feel? Talk about on the ride home?


  • Now, pick a few stretch goals. Let's use your project to build internal capacity, leverage new funding, test a new interpretive approach, or expand your reach to a new audience.



Do your masterplan or project goals need updating?  I can help! 

Project Approach


Collaborative Pragmatism



I can bring out pie-in-the-sky-thinking tools

or headache-minimization tools.

And I have the experience to know which to use when.



Collaborative development of informal learning experiences
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